Data Plate

The original dash data plates were well worn. I replaced the zinc plated steel data plates with the available reproduction aluminum data plates. Examples of these plates are shown here, where all but one are depicted. The other one is located at the lower left side of the dash as shown in Figure 1. This particular plate was not available. I generated my own artwork using postscript and had it silk-screened with synthetic enamel. The artwork is shown in Figures 2, 3 and 4 for the WC-51, WC-52 and WC-63, respectively. The border box represents a data plate size which is 6"x2.12".

A limited number of WC-52 data plates are available at a cost of $6.00 apiece. Postage outside the continental US maybe additional. You can contact me at and replace _no_spam_ with wc-52.

Figure 1. Illustration of the data plate (lower left) not currently available.

Figure 2. Artwork for the WC-51 data plate.

Figure 3. Artwork for the WC-52 data plate.

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Figure 4. Artwork for the WC-63 data plate.


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